Attend “Who Am I” on 5-8 March 2020

“Who Am I?” is the first and the key PRH workshop that provides the
foundation for further training in PRH analysis, helping others,
accelerating growth, and many more. This workshop looks into our
self-image, autonomy, and the different pivotal centers, in order to
help participants be more fully themselves.

The workshop takes an experiential approach using guided analysis,
sharing, and enrichment experiences.

The workshop aims to help participants:
–          gain better self-knowledge
–          identify key aspirations to build a better future
–          clarify the necessary conditions for the unfolding of our personality
–          gain greater self-esteem
–          progress in solidity and self-assurance in life, so as to
better face life’s difficulties

There will be a PRH “Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality” Workshop
on: Thursday 5 March 8.30 am to Sunday 8 March 5.30 pm Location: Blue Sky Pandurata Boutique Hotel, Jl. Raden Saleh 20, Jakarta Pusat

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