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This is my love story, my personal growth in my capacity to love..

17 February 2022
What non-love has destroyed can only be rebuilt by love. (ANDRE ROCHAIS)

Let’s grow together

19 February 2022
Everyone has potentials, talents, capacities…

The Growth Dynamic of PRH Indonesia

19 February 2022
35 Years PRH in Indonesia

A Journey to Accompany Others’ Journey

19 February 2022
Every person has a beautiful soul and I’d be glad to accompany them unveil their treasures.

This is my love story, my personal growth in my capacity to love..

19 February 2022
What non-love has destroyed can only be rebuilt by love.

The Power of Feelings: Accepting and Expressing Our Feelings in a Constructive Way

19 February 2022
Our feelings exist whether we want them to or not

Unwrapping the gift

19 February 2022
You have a gift. It is for you.

The process of becoming myself…

19 February 2022
PRH, helps me navigate my growth journey as I learn to take the first and the next step(s) of becoming who I truly am.

Finally living

19 February 2022
I can’t help but be grateful for the life that I have.

Keheningan Batin

30 January 2023
Kasih yang Tulus dari Hidup Relasionalku

Reality is our master (Andre Rochais)

4 November 2022
This is the story about my personal growth in the solidity of my being. It is my true story of how I made it through the rain.

Humility or humbleness

11 December 2022
Who am I in this universe?

Momen Bermakna - Tanggung Jawab dan Kasih Sayang

12 February 2023
Panggilan hidup ku sebagai seorang Ibu

This sharing is of my childhood and how my growth journey with PRH has helped me

2 April 2023
Rediscovering our past is progressing toward actualizing all the potentialities we have received; it is giving ourselves the opportunity to rediscover our personal roots.

My Source of Life: Plants and Lush Green Trees

1 January 2023
Their presence flows of life, fill in my heart with joy and peace.

Merayakan Kehidupan - Celebration of Life

15 January 2023
Hidup itu Sebuah Tamasya Penuh Kejutan, dan Keindahan

When self-reflection only, doesn’t work

4 June 2023
A lot of people say that they already do self-reflection, almost every day, but then why do they feel stuck in their growth process?

Relying on the Strength of My Identity to Help Overcome My Fear of Existing

25 June 2023
This fear, unrecognized, used to dictate the way that I behaved, creating a sense of confusion, desperation, and failure to my everyday efforts.

One Step at a Time: Reconnecting with Myself as an Embodied Being

16 July 2023
We often take our bodies for granted. It is precious, something to really take care of. My body is my home, my temple, my vehicle for life. It is the only one I have!

Wellbeing on a Human Planet: PRH Interactive Online Event

18 September 2023
Free interactive webinar on 21 September 2023

This is about The Meaning of My Life

10 September 2023
Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi