Everyone has potentials, talents, capacities…

By growing, we get to know better: who we are, what makes us unique, and the values that help us live together. By better knowing our strengths and accepting our limitations in a constructive way, we are more able to contribute fully to our society and environment.

Personality and Human Relations (known by the accronym PRH from the French Personnalité et Relations Humaines) is a humanistic approach that aims to develop the human person and relationships according to each person’s potentials. PRH was developed in France over 40 years ago and is now present in over 40 countries in the world.

The approach use aims to help each person grow in self-awareness and autonomy, so that they can be more able to face the challenges in life, enhance their quality of life, and relate better personally and professionally.

Individuals are facilitated by an internationally licensed educator/facilitator through workshops, personal accompaniment, group accompaniment, and growth programs. The method is experiential – you are invited to experience it directly, and gain tools for self-development.