You have a gift. It is for you.

I have something to tell you. This message is not from me. I am just a messenger – not a special one or anything, I just happen to be the delivery person who is delivering the message!
You have a gift. It is for you. I don’t know what your gift is precisely. I cannot open the box for you. It is your gift to unwrap, to discover.

The most amazing thing is, the gift is already in you! And actually, in most cases, you are already using it intuitively. I am only here to deliver the instruction manual, the user’s guide. Funny isn’t it, if you are already using it, to get the manual? I believe that if you have the manual, you could do even greater things with your gift!

You will discover hidden functions that you never realized before. You will be able to make wonderful things, and the wonderful things you are already doing will be even more wonderful. More importantly, you will feel a sense of purpose, or more so if you already feel it. The world needs your gift! And your gift will grow and flourish even more.

Another important point is that you will realize the hazards – what you shouldn’t do or the things you are doing to or with your gift that is harmful to you, others, or the gift itself. We often unintentionally do this – when we place the gift on shaky or unbalanced ground, or on a place that will allow it to fall and shatter. Sometimes we overuse our gift and burn ourselves out, under-utilize it because we don’t know what it is really for, or use it for the wrong purposes. There are ways to foster and care for this gift.

In Personnalité et Relation Humaines (PRH), we believe we have a useful method to help people understand themselves as to be the best of themselves in relationships and in society. This is what I mean by delivering “a manual”. We have publications, but we don’t just leave a book at your doorstep. Through our workshops, personal and group accompaniment and methodical growth programs, we can guide you to understand the explanatory system and to use the method step by step according to your needs. Sometimes, we can help you fix things in helping relations. 
Our support is there to help you work on yourself, because you are the one who owns the gift. You know yourself best.
I hope to see you unwrap your gifts – actually, you have many!
This message is my gift for you.