Working Together to Prevent Suicide

On World Suicide Prevention Day, 10 September 2020, PRH helping professionals from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand came together online for the workshop on “Recognizing when Persons Need Mental Healthcare or Mental Health Related Medical Attention”. Magda Uyttersprot and Chris Van Duyse from Belgium were also present. The workshop was facilitated by dr. Theresia Citraningtyas, MWH, PhD, Sp.KJ, who is a psychiatrist as well as a PRH educator. The workshop helped equip PRH accompanists, facilitators and educators with a general understanding of the biological basis of mental health problems, greater awareness of possible signs of conditions that would require medical attention or other mental healthcare services, and enhanced confidence to potentially provide support in certain contexts. We should not to be afraid to ask, listen, refer, and follow-up. Genuine concern and courage to ask about a person’s loss of their desire to live may be the doorway for them to be encouraged to obtain the help they need, to get in touch with what keeps them alive, and to find hope.

While PRH is not a treatment for mental health conditions, everyone can take part to overcome the stigma against mental disorders in the community. As Sabrina, an educator from Thailand says, “It is really helpful to know more about different mental conditions. Not only do I have a better understanding and feel more awakened in compassion towards people with mental illness, knowing more also helps me feel less fear about how I can be of help.”

As helping professionals, we refer persons to psychiatrists, psychologists, or other medical or health practitioners accordingly. We also collaborate with mental health professionals to provide further support for persons under their care who need, want, and are ready to do the more rigorous work on personal growth. By promoting personal development and wellbeing, PRH is contributing to mental health promotion. By helping persons find strength, grow in personal solidity, discover a sense of personal purpose and actualize themselves, we are helping persons say Yes! to Life!

If you or someone you know is at risk for their life, please contact the emergency services in your area and find your nearest support. For Indonesia, call: 119 ext.8