Every person has a beautiful soul and I’d be glad to accompany them unveil their treasures.

By: Hani Satriyo

When I joined my first “Who Am I” in 2008, I only saw that as an activity during school holiday. What I learned about myself helped me in academic performance, take my roles in social settings, and choose further study. There were years I forgot the PRH methods. I was busy filling up my brain, adapting in new ways of learning. At that time, others often saw me as a smart but impatient person. I usually didn’t mind what other think, I didn’t mind not having friends. I was okay in my solitude.

One day, I felt like there’s a lamp switched on in my heart, shedding some light to things that matter for the development of myself. It was marvelous. I felt a deep invitation to be more patient, humble, and understanding, towards others’ shortcomings and capacities. People are born and raised differently, so it’s normal to have different perspectives. I didn’t aim to be popular. It’s more that I wanted to belong, to unite, to go hand in hand with others. There’s a sense of togetherness in humanity that I never felt before.

I read many personal development books, deepened my spirituality, and served in community.

I didn’t really realize that it was my way of taking charge of myself, of my life. I was unfolding in who I truly was and I learned to exist with other harmoniously. Today, I can see the growth dynamic I experienced, starting from the core of myself. I had option to say yes or to ignore that message from within. I chose to listen and acted on it.

As much as we want to grow, we are never able to control everything. Things happened that made me fell to the “dark”. I struggled to find my way back. I lost grasp of who I was, what I could do, how to feel comfortable in my own skin. I tried different ways to find the answer by joining seminars, coaching, conference.

Then life opened the path to get back to where I started, that was PRH. I was saved by PRH…. by the people and the programs, by the content and the life giving atmosphere. I was guided by the tools and the presence, of people who gave me space to exist in my struggle and hope. That was a defining moment that made me chose this path, to become a PRH professional.

Receiving help inspired me to be there to help others, so they can know their true self, build their life, and use their capacity to find place in the world. One of the people I helped said this to me:

“When others’ are forcing me to excel, you said that it’s okay to not like what I’m currently studying. That acceptance helps me to make peace with my situation and focus on what I truly like. I recently got a job and dared to start a business because I stick to what makes me happy.”

I am still learning and growing, and I’m motivated to serve others with the PRH formation, as far as I can. Every person has a beautiful soul and I’d be glad to accompany them unveil their treasures.