Author: Marcella

I didn’t always know what matters in life. Unlike my sister, my natural inclination towards familial love and spontaneity to be myself seems to be much impeded. I used to be very much governed by my ideals (and to be honest, I still am), and all these rules that I create on my own turn out to hinder me from becoming more myself. Surely I didn’t understand right away that I was living by own rules and making my life more difficult than it should have been. However, a certain kind of dissatisfaction towards my life remained, and when I came back from the United States (where I attended college), it hit me hard that I was living a miserable life. I kept feeling like I was being banged to an invisible wall, I had a difficult time relating with my parents, and I felt like I wanted to run away from everything: my job, my family, myself.

It was during this phase of desperation that PRH entered my life. I met with one of its educators. The educator had so much authenticity within him, and many of the stories he shared about the struggles of a human person resonated with me. One of his stories that moved me deeply was about his son. He shared that even from such an early age, his son was able to develop a conscience that helped him see why he shouldn’t hit his brother even when his brother upset him. This sharing provoked within me a longing to be that kind of person: a person who chooses to do good because it is good, not because of a sense of “musts”. More importantly, this sharing allowed me to see that it was possible to have such a capacity.

I joined the preliminary PRH session “Who Am I” in 2017. To me, this session was unique because it introduced me to an experience that I had Transcendence within me, an experience that became useful as I learned to integrate my relationship with the Divine in my daily life. This process is important for me because even though I desire for what is good, there seems to be great discrepancy between where I stand and what I aspire to be. PRH, then, helps me navigate my growth journey as I learn to take the first and the next step(s) of becoming who I truly am.

It is beautiful in that, this journey has also led me to better understand and fully appreciate that everyone can have a spiritual identity that is “different” from mine. PRH then, to me, is nothing short of an environment, or even an ecosystem, that enables and sustains each person’s process of growth so that we can be better human beings, for ourselves and for one another. It is a place for everyone to be who they truly are, and to work towards that direction.