When self-reflection only, doesn’t work

“You never wash your bag, don’t you?” told my friend when he looked at my dirty bag. Feeling outwitted by his statement, I washed my bag immediately when I got home. I wash my bag regularly, but it was still dirty, because I’ve never brushed it thoroughly. This time, I brushed it until it is clean. I just realized that adding one small step in the cleaning process makes so much difference. 

This experience gave me an insight about our growth process. A lot of people say that they already do self-reflection, almost every day, but then why do they feel stuck in their growth process?  

In PRH, we have a complete list of keys to stimulate our growth process. If we get stuck, we can check whether we forgot one of these keys. 

Here are three of our keys: 

1) Having life-giving relationships

Life-giving relationship are nutrients for our growth. It is a relationship where we feel accepted, and supported to grow as who we truly are. The other is able to confront us in an honest constructive way, not hindering our path, always with an attitude of respect, openness and willingness to help us become the best version of ourselves.

Life giving relationships are essential for our wellbeing. In the workshop “Clarifying my relationships”, we learn to distinguish different types of relationships and how to make them more life-giving for us.  

2) Being imbued with the realities of our being

Simply knowing my capacities is not the same with being fully connected with them in our daily life. If we want to grow, we need to be connected with our being. In this way, we will feel grounded, meaningful, deep satisfaction in our daily life. Sometimes, our capacities are hindered so we can’t feel them. The workshop “Freeing life in me” offers us some tools to connect better with our capacities in daily life. 

3) Discovering more about ourselves through analysis 

We cannot become who we really are with just ordinary self-reflection. We need to connect to our inner sensations and to learn how to find a better understanding about our self.  PRH analysis is a tool that we can learn and use in various circumstances. To master this tool, the workshop “Exploring my inner world” will guide us. 

There are some more keys that can help us to maintain our growth process. We can integrate those keys through the FPM program (Personal, Methodical Formation). It is a program specially offered to those who feel invited to take seriously charge of their development, relationships, and responsibilities in life. 

From those 3 keys, which key do you feel invited to improve? 

We are ready to accompany you. 

Keep growing.