Short Module

Short modules can range from 3 to 12 hours (across several days). They can be joined without any preliminary requirements. We offer a diverse range of topics.

21 workshops available

Cultivating happiness by reaching out to others
Learn how to say yes or no and feel comfortable about it
Discovering our positive aspects to build an adjusted self-image
Important competencies in responsibility
Stress management in daily life
Being true in the face of others
Searching for a way to be myself and respect others
Befriending and living my feelings in a constructive way
Actualizing realistic dreams
A simple method to make the right decisions
Dreams, opportunities and challenges in this stage of life
Using my weak points as way to grow
Complementing each other
Overcoming obstacles in asking for help
How to make it work
Ways to develop life-giving relationships
How listening fosters persons
Highlight the individuality of your child
Focusing is on the specificity of each child
Creative exploration of who I am and how I present myself