Less stress in your life … it is possible!

Duration: 1.5 hours

How do we overcome pressures in life and work, tensions, differences in perspectives, worries? This workshop aims to help you face these challenges and feel less burdened. The workshop will help you identify your inner strength, to find yourself and help you create peace and calmness in the midst of life and work pressures and challenges.

Authentic Encounters: Being Who We Truly Are in the Face of Others

Duration: 3 hours

How do you live your encounters with others? Are you truly who you are in the face of others? Your self-image, your opinions of others, nervousness, worries, and expectations may influence whether you are able to be authentic in your daily encounters. This workshop is the beginning of a journey towards authentic encounters. The in-depth process aims to help us get a better sense of who you are, understand and learn the things that may hinder people from being authentic in the face of others, and to find the strengths within to be more and more fully yourself in an adaptive and authentic way.

Growing in Self Confidence by Discovering My Positive Aspects

Duration: 3 hours

Do you feel less confident in certain situations? Or are there moments when you are too brazen to achieve optimal results? This workshop helps you take steps towards an adjusted self-image. You can build realistic confidence based on who you truly are so that you can do your best in your personal, academic and professional life.

Gifts of Love Touch Hearts: A gesture of love does something to people

Duration: 3 hours

Do you sometimes want to do something good but do not know how to start? Do you want to be better as a person? Who touches you at heart, and how do you touch others at their heart? This workshop helps you develop your capacity for empathy and discover your goodness, to be more and more of who you are meant to be.

Dealing with Expectations: If I say No I feel Uncomfortable

Duration: 3 hours

This workshop will help you reflect on how you respond to requests, invitations, expectations, instructions and hopes from others towards you. How do you react? Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable, or even guilty when you are unable to meet them? Where does that guilt come from? Do you sometimes say yes halfheartedly? This workshop will help us say “Yes” or “No” wholeheartedly.

ONE DAY WORKSHOPS (Can be divided into 2 x 3 hour meetings)

Challenging Myself to Live Fully

Duration: 6 hours

Do you want to live your life fully? This workshop will give you the opportunity to identify what helps and/or hinders you from living to the fullest. It will help you unearth your strengths and aspirations to guide you further in living a purposeful life.

Decision-Making in Every Day Life

Duration: 6 hours

How do you make every day decisions? This workshop will help you see how you make daily decisions and what influences your decisions. It will help you connect with the different aspects of yourself and your environment that you need to consider to help you make decisions that help you grow, and help you feel the impact of life-giving decisions.

Working Together, Complementing Each Other

Duration: 6 hours

This workshop is perfect for teams. It helps each team member understand each other better and recognize how each other’s strengths can complement each other. The workshop builds a sense of belonging and togetherness for a common vision and mission and strengthens the sense of mutual support in the face of challenges.


PRH educators/facilitators can work with different groups to develop PRH workshops that meet specific needs.

Specific tailored workshops that has been developed include: a module for psychiatrists to deal with specific mental health problems, a corporate program for employees in a company facing a particular challenge, empowerment programs for women, and many more. PRH educators in Indonesia can collaborate to run parallel programs.