Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality is the key workshop in PRH. It gives the foundation for further training, such as in PRH analysis, helping others using the PRH method, and other PRH workshops for personal growth. This workshop explores our self-image, autonomy, aspects of personality, and other key factors that help participants be more fully themselves. This workshop helps participants increase their self-awareness, supports personality development, assists the identification of key aspirations, and clarifies the conditions that support personality development and enhances solidity and self-esteem. These all can help you deal with challenges in life and work, and shine more fully in who you truly are.

Finding fulfillment in my work 

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Would you like to thrive and feel a greater sense of balance and fulfillment at work? This workshop helps you understand what you experience in the workplace. It helps you better understand yourself in the context of possible tensions and conflicts, and help you take your place and contribute to your fullest. You will be guided to discover and strengthen your personal mission and contribution for a better society.


Prerequisite: Participants need to have attended the PRH workshop “Who Am I?”

Exploring my inner world: Develop skills in PRH analysis

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

Would you like to learn a way you can use to propel you in your journey of self-discovery? This workshop helps you discover and practice the method of PRH analysis in order to better understand what is happening within you. It will help you distinguish various types of inner experiences to understand yourself better and accelerate your growth. The workshop will guide you in learning to identify sensations having psychological content, to explore them, and to go deeper. You can come how with a method that can help you learn something new about yourself every day.

Living more harmoniously

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

This workshop helps you discover the various ways of functioning in a person, in order to identify the ways of functioning that help and the ones that hinder you. This will allow you to identify possible adjustments for a more harmonious life aligned with your best self. It will facilitate the process of restoring order in yourself, evolving toward better ways of functioning, making decisions and leading
your life.

Clarifying my relationships 

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

This workshop will clarify what you experience in your interpersonal relationships in order to live your relationships in a more mutually fulfilling way. It can help you improve your relationships with the persons for whom you experience affection, clarify what you experience in your present relationships, shed light on difficulties you may experience in relationships, and gain a clearer understanding of the various types of relationships and of the pitfalls specific to each one.


PRH educators/facilitators can work with different groups to develop PRH workshops that meet specific needs.

Specific tailored workshops that has been developed include: a module for psychiatrists to deal with specific mental health problems, a corporate program for employees in a company facing a particular challenge, empowerment programs for women, and many more. PRH educators in Indonesia can collaborate to run parallel programs.