PRH workshops are ideally run in groups of 8-15 persons. This gives each person a chance to share and be heard (if they want to). When there is a need for a larger group (e.g. 30-150 persons), PRH Indonesia can send a team of several PRH facilitators to run workshops with joint activities and parallel small group sharing.

Intensive workshop
PRH Intensive workshop
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Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality
Finding fulfillment in my work
Exploring my inner world: Develop skills in PRH analysis
Living more harmoniously

PRH Short Workshop
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Authentic Encounters: Being Who We Truly Are in the Face of Others
Less stress in your life … it is possible!
Growing in Self Confidence by Discovering My Positive Aspects
Gifts of Love Touch Hearts: A gesture of love does something to people

Education and parenting
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Educating our children with respect
Our children's unique aspect

PRH For workplace
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Less stress in your life
Working together
Developing my leadership capacities
Discovering and fostering the unique aspects of the people I lead
Finding Fulfilment in My Work - Keys for being effective in the workplace

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PRH short workshops

PRH runs workshops of various durations (1 hour to 2 days, mostly 3-6 hours) on different topics, such as how to reduce stress, how to increase authenticity, how to make daily decisions, etc. These workshops are open to the general public.

“These workshops are great to get a taste of PRH, and most importantly, to gain more insight into the best of yourself!”

workshop participant

There are also workshops for teenagers, parents/teachers, seniors (60 and above) and doctors (see PRH workshops for specific participants).

Companies and organizations can also run special workshops for their staff or members. Please contact us to organize workshops for the workplace. You can also fill this “workshop request form”

PRH Intensive Workshops (4 days)

In 4 days, you can discover so much more of yourself than you ever thought possible!

These workshops are the core of PRH education. They provide an opportunity for people to experience what PRH is all about. Each intensive workshop focuses on an important aspect of our personality and how we relate with ourselves and others. Some workshops also provide training in PRH methods that help us understand ourselves better, grow, and manage our lives better, such as the PRH method of self-analysis, decision-making, and methodical growth process.

“It is my birthday, and I am giving myself PRH as a gift!”

– Ivy Londa

Ivy was working at Citibank at the time. After the PRH workshop, she received the Endeavour Scholarship to take her masters in the UK to pursue her dreams.

PRH Workshop for a specific participants

PRH also runs special workshops for specific participants who have different needs or requirements in terms of approach, content or accreditation.

  • PRH for young adults
  • PRH workshops for seniors (60 and above)

Tailored workshops

PRH educators/facilitators can work with different groups to develop PRH workshops that meet specific needs.

Specific tailored workshops that has been developed for specific needs.
Contact us to organize a workshop for your needs.