This is about The Meaning of My Life.

As persons discover their being in its originality, they discover that for which they are made: their mission. As they liberate their energies and creativity, they become inventive in the line of their gifts. – Andre Rochais

(DIREA 6.4.2/2 – MU/SG – 100202 - PRH-International 2010 – 86000 Poitiers France)

What is your meaning of life? I asked myself that question.

Once a person said to me that I could be anything I want. That time I did not know the meaning. Today after I analyzed I can see the meaning of my life. Even though I was not aware of what I was going through since my childhood, I have savely arrived at this point. 

It started from discovering my identity: 

I live my capacities to accompany others by my calm, peace, totality to educate, to motivate with communication skills, management skills, creativity, simplicity, loving care, humility, friendship, respect for humanity.

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free. - Ralph Ellison

And I found my love life:

My capacity to love grew through long journey to find my true color. My capacity to love glows in my value of humanity, my quality to be a true friend, my accompaniment, and my acceptance to others, in all of my conditions and others’ condition. Through those experiences, I become a person who can love and be loved unconditionally. My love life has been rebuilt by my own love.

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. - Thomas Merton

And I found my work life:

My work is my life. My work is my true self. After finding my true self through my identity and my love life, then I found my essential in the area of work. I am determined to give my fullness and authenticity to my work life: to educate, motivate, accompany, and empower others. It is my work life to grow personally and professionally in accompanying persons who want to become him/her true self.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. - Rumi

Now I am aware of how meaningful my life is. Now I can say this statement:

“I am saved to enjoy the great internal love, to cherish the treasures inside me, to enjoy them with others who want to find their true colors by my accompaniment with my capacities which are saved by The Greatest Love.” I observed my experiences since my childhood, I am affirmed that my potentialities are meant to be PRH Educator to complete my life mission contributing for humankind to find their truth. I found the bridge between my life mission, my rock of being and the meaning of my life. 

Living your life mission is a way of living your life that requires the very best of you. It brings out your best qualities. - Daniel Goodenough

Everyone must aim at becoming unified as a person; there lies the essential – Andre Rochais

(DIREA 6.4.2/2 – MU/SG – 100202 - PRH-International 2010 – 86000 Poitiers France)

By this finding of my life mission, I feel full and whole as a person. I aim at becoming unified as a person. Now let me accompany you professionally along your growth journey.

Anastasia Retno Pujiastuti/ PRH Educator